Our iCAD Assembler 3.1 CAD tool is the logical complement to the hardware of our modular system. It is this combination of hardware and software that allows us to tap the full potential for rational mechanical engineering.

iCad Assembler

  • System-independent 3D design tool
  • Electronic catalogue
  • Direct interfaces to all standard CAD systems
  • Automatically generated parts list
  • Integrated plausibility check
  • Automatic machining drawings
  • Configurators for workplaces, linear axes, conveyors, roller conveyors, protection devices

You can download the latest version of iCAD Assembler, or use it online. See links below.

iOS App

The MiniTec App for iOS helps calculate the deflection of aluminium profile systems and linear slideways.

The App – free from The App Store – will calculate values for applications in both vertical and horizontal designs.

The values for both load and length are stored until the application has been completed thus making a comparison of different profile systems quick and easy.

MiniTec Designer App