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Workshop Tools for Motorsports

Quality bespoke workstations for the Auto and Motor Sports Industry

MiniTec provide a wide range of standard workshop, garage, pit and paddock equipment to meet the the diverse needs of race teams and motorsport enthusiasts.

From the shop floor to the boardroom, the clever companies provide more than just a good working environment. Great ergonomics depend upon design and logistics excellence to provide labour, materials and services exactly where and when required in a rapid and efficient manner. Nowhere is ergonomics embraced more than in the world of motorsports where reaction times and proficiency of teams and individuals can make the difference for a podium or a pole position.

The MiniTec solution provides a rugged design with plenty of scope to customise with Team colours and sponsor details. Such flexibility from our UK engineering facility is successfully providing ergonomic support equipment solutions for race teams across the competition spectrum from Formula Student to Formula One.

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