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Foot M08 D45 L=72

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Supplied in Packs of 10

£72.10 + VAT

Technical Data

  • Plate PA, grey
  • Anti-slip license NBR, black
  • Spindle steel, galvanised
  • Lock nut steel, galvanised
  • All spindles fit all plates
  • Weight = 0.060 kg/piece


  • Height adjustable constructions of all kinds
  • Protective equipment, tables, showcases
  • Conveyors, system workstations


  • Drill directly into the centre of the profiles
  • For threads larger than M12, the hinged feet must be mounted in conjunction with the connection plate
  • For profiles 45 x 90 and 90 x 90 a base and transport plate is required, if the feet are to be positioned centrally.